Party Bag For 68 Year Old

My mum Eileen, will be with us for her 68th birthday next year, a few days before my son William’s 6th birthday. Here in Australia it is mandatory you supply birthday party guests with a party bag upon leaving the festivities – well for children’s parties at least. These bags usually consist of colourful sugary sweets plus other things like, a plastic toy, funny pencil, balloon, bubble mixture etc. My parents and I mused about what you might supply in a 68 year old’s party bag. We came up with the following:

  • Broken pair of reading glasses
  • Incontinence pad (unused)
  • Imperial mint (sucked)
  • Lost set of keys
  • Hearing aid battery
  • Large print book
  • Unposted Christmas card
  • 15 year old TV Remote control fixed with sellotape but only 3 buttons work
  • Tea bag (got to have a treat in there)
  • 7-day plastic pill box
  • An odd kitchen utensil that no one under 48 has any idea what it’s for
  • Something crochet, or maybe just the pattern
  • A small bag of random buttons
  • An audio tape (home recorded)

What else do you think would be good?

Some more thoughts:

  • A drawing from a grandchild (under 6)
  • A 5¼” floppy disk – blank (for back-up purposes)
  • Denture cream
  • SAGA tours brochure

Add your suggestions in the comment box below…

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  1. John Geddes says:

    How about a copy of the MMSE (It’s about the most famous cognitive test in the world for the elderly….)

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