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25th Aug

Phil's sorted out his Facebook profile...

13th Aug

Charlotte and mum come home
full name: Charlotte Lilly Jasmine

9th Aug It's a girl! Baby charlotte was born weighing in at a healthy 3.4kg. Mum & baby are doing very well.
March Special announcement - We are expecting our third child, due in August this year. Have a look at the recent ultrasound scans of the little blighter >>>
17th Jan

McNaught's Comet comes to visit us, and Phil took some photos


Finally got round to updating our website, and our first installment for the year is our new look family photo album starting with a selection of photos from November & December 2006

Family Photo Album
  A busy year - not much time to write our news. A brief summary is given on the back of our christmas card this year (which if we accidentally forgot to send it to you, you can download and print it for yourself, with love)

christmas card '06

3rd July We are all well. Looking forward to our snowboarding trip to New Zealand in August, and Phil's looking forward to changing job after that.  
19th - 22nd May Linda had to go back into hospital with a couple of infections - not good. Came home on her birthday, just in time for a surprise party.  
12th May Linda and William came home from Hosptial. Now we are one big happy family.  
8th May - Oz Mothers Day It's a boy! William Isaac born 13:48, weighing in at a mighty 4.445kg (9lb 12.9 oz)!

photos of william & family here
7th May
No baby yet. The plan is to go in to be induced at 16:00 today - so it can't be long now!  
29th April
Still waiting, now 4 days over due, everything is OK - will let you know when something happens...  
25th April
Bump2's due date this day - but sorry no sign yet  
24th Mar
Linda finishes work - only 1 month to go before bump2 shows it's head (or at least that was the plan!)  
20th Mar Colin - good friend from London stopped in Perth for a day on his recent world cruise on the Saga Rose. Showed him the sights, sounds and tastes of Perth, Swan Valley and Fremantle, all in a day. Wouldn't compare to his stop in Antartica, but it was great to see him. Check out Colin's holiday cottage
'The Nook'
in the Lake District
village of greystoke
- book online now!
11th Mar
Ultrasound Scan - the baby is all OK - everything is normal size (which they said is small compared to when Josphine was in there)  
Jo's Grandparents (H) came to Oz to visit. Had a fantastic time travelling and camping down in the south west yes you've guessed it - photos to come someday. when will I ever get time?
6th Jan
Bought a house in Oz and moved in. Still only 5 min walk to the beach. contact us if you want our new address
1st Jan
went camping in Bussleton again - fun had by all  
25th Dec
Christmas in Perth download our christmas card
17th Nov
Linda became an Australian citizen  
We are due a second baby in April next year. Josephine will have a brother or sister next year!  
13th -28th Aug
Snowboarding in New Zealand - fantastic fun! Yes, there will be photos - so much to do so little time!
11th July
Jo's first birthday - in Manchester  
9th - 31st July
Holiday in the UK, including Jo's first birthday, Kerry & Steve's wedding, visiting family & friends, Tim & Nattelie's wedding and much much more... photos will come eventually!
2nd Jul
Josephine took her first proper walk! She took a few steps a week ago, but today she walked several meters - and did it 6 or 8 times in the evening.  
11th April
Enjoyed a long Easter weekend away camping down in the south west, wineries, kids fun fairs, breweries and chocolate factories. Photos will come when we get time!
29th March
Josephine cut her first tooth! She is crawling around now, standing up and walking around tables, generally having a whale of a time.  
25th Dec
Had prawns & crayfish on the bbq for christmas lunch

Jo's first Christmas

Christmas Dinner

31st Oct - 23rd Nov

All three of us went to the UK to intoduce Josphine to the UK friends grand parents, great grand parents, uncles, aunties, cousins, great uncles, great aunties, and the rest...
It was fun.


4th Aug

We moved house. Not far, still near the beach but sadly we lost our sea view across to Rottnest.


1st Aug

Phil's company QCL I/ CorrOcean change name to iicorr

15th July

Linda and Josephine came home from hospital

11th July

Josephine Emily was born at 05:30, 4.11kg and beautiful
at King Edward Memorial Hospital

9th July

Baby is now 13 days overdue, however Linda and the baby inside are still well. We'll hopefully have bigger news soon!


4th July

8 days overdue everything has checked out fine at the Clinic. Took an untrasound scan just to check.

8th June

Phil went on a scenic flight over Cottesloe, Rottnest, Fremantle, great fun.

1st June

Everything is going OK including baby to be, Linda and Phil.


27th Feb
- 9th March

Friends Natalie and Tim visited us from the UK. We took a good trip down south west, saw everything.

4th Feb

At 19½ weeks here are the latest scans of lil philnlil.

15th Jan

Ultrasound scans taken on the little sprog.


26th Dec

Travelled down to Albany and Esperence for New Year.


25th Dec

Announced we are expecting a lilttle baby in June. First ultrasound scans taken 12/12/02.
We had a great Christmas, hot and on the beach


21st Oct

Andy (Phil's brother) visited us from the UK. He hadn't been to Australia for over 20 years, and had a fantastic time. Now it is your turn to visit!

photos tba...

15th Oct

Phil was promoted to General Manager of QCL International's Perth office

17th Aug - 1st Sept

Traveled to New Zealand for a fantastic snowboarding trip around the South Island. Took on the snow of slopes of Mt Hutt, Mt Cheesman, Treble Cone, The Remakables, Coronet Peak and Cardrona in that order. Visited Fox, Franz Joseph and Tasman Glaciers, enjoyed the stunning scenery, superbe food and had a great time. Broke no legs.

29th June

Linda received her Australian residency



Phil's Dad & Auntie Helen were caught on camera Paragliding in the Austrian Alps. Click on thumbnail for photos>>

23rd May

Returned to UK for a short holiday to visit family and friends. Photos of Jack, Hannah and Caleb coming soon.

photos coming?

3rd May

A new baby; Aubrey Kate was born to our good friends here in Perth, Paul and Becky Oates. She was 8 weeks early and now she is doing great - first tooth Jan 2003.


31st March

Had a fun Easter down in the south west of of Australia, some 4WDriving, camping, wine tasting and swiming, around the stunning forrests of Pemberton, Vinyards of Margaret River and got pounded by 5meter waves attempting to body surf at Yallingup.


18th March

Phil has been working for a company in Perth called QCLI (changed to iicorr 08-2004) since January.

Linda has started her second job in Perth, now she's with Halliburton (or KBR).


25th Dec

Enjoyed Christmas in Perth with friends. Hot, sunny and by the beach.


30th Nov

Found a house to rent in Cottesloe with a fantastic view of the Indian Ocean and a little island called Rottnest. We are only 150m to the beach. Now awaiting friends and family to come over and enjoy our hospitality!

Our location

20th Nov

Baby Hannah was born, we now have a niece!

photos of Hannah

30th Nov

Arrived in Perth, Western Australia after a 2½ month trip around East Asia via Dubai, visiting Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei and Borneo Malaysia

asia trip

29th July

Linda became a godmother to our friend's baby Caleb. Deb and Dom (parents) have put some excellent photos of Caleb on their website, so please check them out

25th July

We're off again
Booked our flight for the continuation of our world trip (Africa was just the begnining!). We leave the UK on the 16th August, flying to Dubai. Fly Dubai to Singapore on the 23rd August. Overland to Bangkok. Fly Bankok to Brunei on the 17th October. Fly Brunei to Perth (Western Australia) on the 30th October.


25th July

Farrah Rock!
We saw for the first time Phil's old friend Andy's band Farrah and they were excellent. Described loosely by the press as power-pop, we saw them in London following their recent tour of the UK and imediately purchased their debut album Moustache. Their web site link has always been available on our friend links page, but now having heard and enjoyed their music we would like to promote them further. We hear they are doing very well, so check 'em out, you will enjoy their music.

31st May

Returned to the UK after an 8 month trip across Africa. The best photos of the trip are available on this site.

africa trip

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