Philnlil's Asian Adventure
14th August 2001 - 30th October 2001

We spent a couple of months in the UK following the long, and exhausting but fun Africa trip. Enjoy enjoying time with our good friends and especially Deb and Dom's new baby Caleb. Then we set off on Part 2 of our round the world tour, Asia to Australia. We purchased a one-way ticket with Brunei Airways, which took us to Dubai, Singapore, overland to Bangkok, Brunei and Perth in Western Australia. Visiting on the way Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Veitnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Borneo Malaysia (Saba).


Dubai, UAE



Coming: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Saba - when I get the time!

A lot of work to go with the many Asia photos, so please return to see them.


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